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About The artist


I had the desire to transform the thoughts in my mind into images on canvas. My inspiration comes from as long ago as Henry Rousseau to Peter Max. 

Life is a canvas, paint it your way. Our lives are the canvas on which we paint actions, thoughts and experiences. When creating a painting it has a specific meaning to me as related to my own experiences in society, yet the paintings take on their own life though the evolution of the creative process.

An overwhelming moment in time becomes a painting about leaves whirling around. Just as the leaves cannot control the force of nature that drives them into a whirlwind, artists take those experiences and translate them into images on canvas. I take circumstances, experiences, beliefs, societal ideas and transform them into colors and shapes. 














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Public Sculpture Projects

cleveland's on fire map
clevelands on fire side 2

Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame


T oday

H ear the birds sing

O bserve nature

U nderstand 

G reet life as a gift 

H ave a moment in the sun

T ake a deep breath and exhale!


thought on a day

img_0078 - version 2

Life is not about weathering the storn,

its about learning how to dance in the rain.



Believe in Magic!

Wave your own Wand!


T he sunshine streaming

H eavenly shadows

O pulence in our life

U nderstand the greatness of Earth

G ift for us all

H igh flying clouds adrift in the blue

T ake in the glory


Bella Luna!

Take a moment to enjoy the wonders all around us.