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evolution ii copy

Artistic Evolution...

Artworks take on their own life and expression.

In the Beginning...

Artworks needed to be boxed into the canvas surrounded by lines and shapes that were contained in the form.

In the Middle...

Artworks become less aligned with a strict scripture of thought.


napa valley
cleveland greenhouse
winter cleveland
flowers by j

Kissed By


Exhibited in the 2016 Westlake Westhore Annual Juried Art Show

This is my latest project.

I took a painting and looked for shapes.

I cut the shapes and rearranged them into a new work of art.

I added cut paper.

Glued the images to clayboard to create a 3D collage.

1 of 3 tree
2 of 3 tree
3 of 3 tree

Go to the Gallery Page to view my winning entry into this art show to see my winning entry.